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    Headers missing . . .  now pages missing

    molezeen Level 1

      I am using InDesign CC2014, with the current updates. The file in question, is 566 pages long, all text, no pictures. 30 chapters, all based off of the first chapter.


      The other day, I opened the file, and the half the running heads were gone (all verso running head were simply not there, not on the page, not on the masters).


      I loaded the masters from a previous version, and everything was correct.  I made a PDF, printed it out, everything was okay.


      I reopened the file today to edit it, and clumps of pages are missing.  I noticed this when doing a word search, and the result kept taking me back to the first page.  Looking down the Pages Palette, I saw empty pages.  When I scroll from pasteboard to pasteboard there are huge gaps and missing pages:



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          molezeen Level 1

          It's interesting how poor this forum is for difficult questions:


          1) Random glyphs that do and don't print but the InDesign/PDF file passed all Acrobat text related preflight tests. The printer's suggestion: Convert text to outline. What alternatives?  Aside from some mocking for being so behind the times or get a new printer, when I mention CreateSpace . . . poof, nada, even one of the Adobe experts disappeared. 


          2) Frames (text and image) become impossible to move; moving a frame can take 30 seconds to 10 minutes, and they jump to who knows where when they finally move.  Two days here of did you update, did you connect the flidget to the widget, sorry, only possible during leap years, did you compensate for the quantum effects of the above average gamma ray background radiation due to solar flairs . . .  One piece of good advice: try to get customer service from N________ Center, and no where else. One month later, the Design Team said: it's a known bug in all versions of InDesign; don't follow the instructions (I had master pages based on the previous master pages (described in Adobe's InDesign instructions).


          3) Now, a file that looks good, converts to PDF well, suddenly is missing headers form the verso pages in all sections. The master pages from a previous version of the file were loaded, replacing the existing master pages. It worked except I found missing clumps of pages. The text threads just zip across time and space, over the gaps, to the next or previous linked page. A day later, nuttin'.


          Thank you for the help.  As I have said before, if any of you needs help at CreateSpace (print on demand book printing & distribution) forum. Look me up. I actually do help. 



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            First off, we're just users, like you. We actually do a very good job, in my opinion, of solving some very difficult problems. We generally do far better at solving problems than the official tech support phone lines.


            You're post comes in the midst of a holiday, which means there are fewer users online, and your problem is far from typical.


            Is this a legacy file (one converted from an older version)? ID has become progressively worse at doing direct conversions error-free, which isn't a complete surprise given the increasing complexity of the program. Nobody here is goiong to be able to diagnose your issues without seeing your file because you problem is clearly not a case of simple user error on not understanding the program. I haven't seen missing headers reported before, but I do know there is a new bug, introduced in I think version 9, that can cause pages to go blank because ID loses track of geometric bounds for page objects. You can confirm this is the problem if you go to a "blank" page, do a select all, and see some dimensions listed in the control panel. Typically these will be in scientific notation, either astronomically large or astronomically small.


            The only way to fix this problem that I know is to replace the bad pages.

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              molezeen Level 1

              Thank you for replying.  (My comparable activity on the CreateSpace forum is also volunteer and during most holidays. . . so my criticism is based on experience. As long as you weren't one of the ones suggesting I compensate for background radiation, etc., my blast was not aimed at you.)


              The file was created entirely in InDesign CC 2014. The source file for the text was a Word 97-2003 Document format. I routinely save my files in states and work from copies, just so that when something goes wrong, I don't lose everything.  I was up to revision/file/copy 35. The headers were gone when I opened the file the next day. I created a copy of the file, and loaded/replaced the master pages from an earlier version (probably around number 28, just in case something in the last couple of versions had begun to corrupt).  All the headers worked. I made a PDF for my client. It was perfect.  Next day, clumps of pages were gone.  Clumps: groups of 5-15 pages.  Gone: no longer as spreads on the pasteboard, now just empty space . . . and on the Page Palette, there are simply empty pages.  The page numbering picks up correctly with each new "section." These clumps do not seem to appear with any discernible pattern.


              I'm not sure how to select a the content or size of a page, when it is not there.  I did click on a blank page icon on the Page Palette.  Most of the fields in the control bar that would show anything dimensional information are blank.


              When CustomerSupport (remember when $150/year bought unlimited, and good, Adobe tech support?) kills seldom less than 8 hours a day (stay on hold, the scheduled call back where you won't lose your place in line has never worked for me), I'm still waiting for calls from five years ago.  And problems are seldom answered in less than a few days . . . CustomerSupport is simply not practical for a commercial jobs. 



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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Go to an empty page and make sure it is active, and the Selection tool is active. Edit > Select All... (this is only going to be valid if the entire spread seems to be blank, or if you split the spread so only the blank page is being targeted).


                If there's no content, then the dimension fields will be blank.


                If there are dimensions listed for objects you aren't seeing, then you've been bitten by the bug.

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                  molezeen Level 1

                  In the work area, where you would see spreads on the pasteboard, there is no content, there are no pages, just gray.  Acres and acres of gray.  So there are no empty pages, because the pages are gone. (They only appear empty on the Pages Palette.)


                  There are no objects.  There are no dimensions. 


                  The question then, if one politely says, this is a bug, how does one:

                  • Avoid it?
                  • Work around it?



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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    In your screen shot above of the pages panel I see "blank" pages. What happens when you double click on one of those pages to go to it? That's where you want to try the Select All.

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                      molezeen Level 1

                      Clicking on any of the "empty" page icons in the Pages Palette opens the first page.


                      If I Select All in the defective file, it selects most of the text, not all, and it does not jump over the missing pages and select text in that section.


                      An interesting view would be the text threads.  Top a curious rat's nest of links, bottom, a single spread floating amidst a sea of missing pages on both sides:


                      In all the other files, the text frames are linked correctly. 


                      Thank you for hanging in there for me!



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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        Hard to see the screen shot...


                        I'd say the file is damaged beyond redemption, most likely. My strategy at this point would be to delete all but the first page, then place the text cursor in the text on the first page without selecting anything. File > Export... and choose InDesign Tagged Text.


                        Create a new file and place the exported tagged text and see if it's all there.

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                          molezeen Level 1

                          Thank you . . . with 566 pages and a tight deadline . . . the real solution was to go back to a previous state and continue editing and formatting. The screen shot was intentionally small and unclear--non-disclosure contract; but what I intended to show was the text threading and the blank paste board where pages should have been.


                          The point is that with some programs it is easy to know the kinds of things that might corrupt them.  I did nothing I am aware of that is different or out of line with a standard workflow.  It is not comforting to know that this could happen any old time for any old reason.



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                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                            Since to the best of my knowledge this is the first report here with these particular symptoms I would say this is not as likely to be a general program bug as much as it  is probably a software conflict of some sort with something else you are running.

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                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              It’s always a good idea with large documents to do a file > save as on

                              occasion to clear out an garbage that continually gets tacked on to the

                              file, but any file from any application can become corrupt at any time.

                              Good backups are a must.

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                                molezeen Level 1

                                Thank you . . . I started the job on December 13, I have 38 backups in stages, and those are duplicated in three separated storage devices; and my workflow includes saving every 10-15 minutes. When I am entering text edits, I usually save every 2-3 changes.

                                This is my second major problem with InDesign; with, in between, a third problem that had nothing to do with an InDesign flaw (it had to do with printing all glyphs in a file, that were otherwise experiencing erratic print failures randomly). 


                                For the first one, neither this forum nor Adobe tech support, including the InDesign Design Team were able to help.  But I did manage to lose one full month of work in the hopes that someone might help, and they did.  The official word from the InDesign Design Team: "Don't follow the instructions  [re: creating master pages]. . .  It's a bug that all versions of InDesign have."


                                There is a forum member here who works for Adobe and is an expert.  He promised to help on the printing problem, but he bailed without a word.


                                Now this. 



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                                  Hi guys,


                                  Today we experienced the same issue here. Fortunately 2 guys of our team found 2 works around it.

                                  First, adding (duplicating) the spreads, somehow will make the missing pages reappear (then you delete the blank pages).

                                  Second and easier, just save the document as IDML and reopen it in Indesign CS6 and everything should be right already.

                                  We hope it helps you.

                                  Have a great one guys

                                  Screen Shot 2015-04-09AM.jpg

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                                    Same problem here, very annoying and potentially dangerous.

                                    Export and import via IDML did the trick. I reportet the bug here: Ihttps://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

                                    I suggest you do the same.

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                                      alisona68897270 Level 1

                                      Thanks for the tip about duplicating the spreads, I was able to save about 60 "missing" pages using this method after exporting to IDML failed. (Using CS6, I exported to IDML and tried importing multiple times with both CS6 and CS5 and crashed every time.) I had to create a new document and then move the uncorrupted duplicate pages into the new file. Simply deleting the corrupted pages after duplicating the spread caused the program to crash. Three spreads were so badly corrupted that when I tried to duplicate them it crashed.  I had to completely recreate about 6 pages from scratch, but out of a 250-page document I consider myself lucky. I know this was an old post, but I appreciate the help!

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                                        Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                        Hi Alison,

                                        are you using InDesign CC 2014 like Walton, the original poster?

                                        I think, we still found no "cause" of this bug. It would be very interesting to know how this bug is triggered.
                                        Is it a chain of "Save" actions ( not "Save As", only "Save") when working on "complex" documents, then closing and opening the documents?



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                                          alisona68897270 Level 1

                                          Hi Uwe, I was using CS6.  I had exactly the same issue about three years ago using CS5. It's only happened twice in 12 years but always on a deadline day! Both times I was working on 200+ page books. The most recent time, I had created a PDF the night before and sent to a client, closed the .indd file and went to bed. Next morning client informed me a couple of photo captions were missing. Opened the .indd file to fix them, and the pages with the "missing" captions were gone altogether. The more I scrolled through the documents, the more of the document disappeared. I had some success with duplicating pages as FabianoSantos suggested, then moving them to a new document.


                                          I haven't been able to pinpoint a particular chain of action, corrupt font or image either time. It seems to lose the page boundaries of the corrupted pages; when doing a "select all" on the corrupt page, it shows an astronomically huge page dimension. I do "save" quite frequently when I'm working, but I do this all the time and, as I said, I've only had this happen twice in twelve years. It's a mystery.