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    How do I create optinal elements in a ID document?


      Hello ID community!


      I'm an ID beginner, and I'm trying to format a manual for a seminar.


      I have some icons that I'd like to be invisible in the student version of the manual, but be visible and printed in the teacher's version. (Basically they're just little icons to indicate to the teacher when different slides and exercises are to be done.)


      I'd imagine this is possible with ID, but I have no idea how to do it.


      Essentially, I need some way to set the global option of "this is the teacher manual" or "this is the student manual", and only display these icons if I am exporting a "teacher manual."


      If I were writing code, I'd have a variable $teacher=1 for the teacher version, and each slide icon would have some logic around it that would look something like...


      if ($teacher = 1) then { print $slide_icon };


      thanks so much for your help!