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    Please Please Help me!!!

      Please see my new FLA file

      Dear sir,

      Please see my new fla here, i just modify my fla

      i add form in my fla, when some one select one or two box in my fla, u find one popup come up(there is form come) u fill all detati and submit the form, what i want here is all detail goto access database & image goto img folder,

      one more thing is very important is when u select one box (right-top) or select two box (right-top) and upload image, that particular image show in that puticuler box with tooltip (show email id)

      thank you
      praful damania

      note:-if u can come online in gmail or yahoo messanger will caht there if u dont mind
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          Do you have any serverside script to do that, i mean, asp,php,jsp something like that. ? If so get all the data from the form while the user clicks the sumbit and send that to a serverside page, . In serverside page you have to write something to store the data inside the database, once is finish write something( succes ) on the serverpage. Read that page inside the flash, if that succes, show the user right message or close the popup.
          You have a class called "FileReference" in Flash, make use of that and get the file name and upload the image to the server