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    Can a new info box be added to the Metadata panel?

    John Fairclough

      Hi Everyone.


      I am a Mac user and am currently using Aperture in conjunction with Photoshop CS5 and the Nik package. Because of the recent announcement from Apple re the withdrawal of support for Aperture, I am now considering using Lightroom V5.

      At present I have the 30 day free trial copy and my investigations have raised one question.

      In Apertures Metadata panel I have three boxes which l use, "Version Name" (l use this for my catalogue number), "File Name" (This is the camera number), and "Title"(This is the image title).

      However in Lightroom I am only have two boxes, "File Name" (which is the camera number or can be change to say the catalogue number) and the "Title" box.

      My question is can I create and insert an additional box which would be manually filled in by myself.

      I shall look forward to receiving you help and info.

      John F


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