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    Why are TypeKit fonts not displaying correctly in Pages (iWork)?


      I have just subscribed to TypeKit and am experiencing highly peculiar behavior from the two fonts I’m using in Pages (iWork): Basically, fonts in my document don’t respond appropriately to requested changes in style. For example, if I increase the point size by one point using the the formatting commands built into Pages, the font drops a point size. I’ve had the same experience using the kerning command, where the kerning decreases when I have set it to increase. (So far, the only fonts I’ve been using have been Futura PT and Proxima Nova.)

      Look at the example in the screenshot: “FEATURED EXPERT” on the top line shows in Pages as being 24pt Futura PT Book. However, “SOLO,” a few lines down, which is definitely displaying as smaller, shows as 25pt Futura PT

      Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 4.08.25 PM.png


      In a potentially related issue, when I reopened this same document today, text boxes were suddenly too small for the text (again in Futura PT and Proxima Nova). It was as though Pages was suddenly reading those two fonts differently.


      I have had no issues with other (non-TypeKit) fonts in the same document.


      Anyone else experiencing anything similar? Any suggested fixes? I'm reluctant to unsync/resync the two affected fonts (the only ones I have sync'd to date) because I don't want to wreck the document!

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          ChristopherSlye Adobe Employee

          In your screenshot, the text "FEATURED EXPERT" appears to be Helvetica, not Futura PT. Different typefaces can have different apparent sizes for the same numeric point size, so you should check that first.


          Typekit sync fonts are essentially identical to any traditional desktop font you might purchase -- so assuming they are getting installed and showing up in your font menu, any other problems with text appearance and handling would be related to the application or OS.


          Having said that, I would try quitting Pages, unsyncing/resyncing the fonts from Typekit, and restarting Pages. Adobe applications are very good at dynamically updating fonts as they are installed, but that's not always the case with other desktop applications. (Often, but not always.)


          You'll find some more, general sync troubleshooting advice here: TYPEKIT | Troubleshooting Guide: syncing desktop f...

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            algonquin Level 1

            Thanks, Christopher. After I posted my original question, I did come to realize that it was Helvetica not Future PT showing. Here’s what happened, and here’s why I still need some guidance…


            The document dropped Future PT because when my wifi signal dropped, the Creative Cloud app displayed this error symbol (see graphic) in my menu bar.

            Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 10.16.41 AM.png

            At that point, my computer could no longer access my TypeKit fonts and the document reverted to the system's Helvetica default.

            This was not an isolated incident.

            If I turn wifi off manually, there is no issue and CC continues to operate in the background as it should, with TypeKit fonts still available.

            However, if the wifi drops out on its own, I get the above error symbol and I then lose access to my TypeKit fonts. Very rarely, the CC app will self-correct when the signal is restored. More often than not, I must quit the CC app and relaunch it in order to get things back to normal.

            This doesn’t strike me as normal behavior Have you ever encountered anything like it? Do you know of  a fix that will allow the CC app to self-correct when the wifi signal is restored?


            Any assistance will be appreciated!





            P.S. TypeKit troubleshooting doesn’t address this particular issue.

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              ChristopherSlye Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the details. Obviously that sync behavior is not normal, nor expected. I'll forward it to some folks here for a look and see if there's any immediate remedy.