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    Can't drop MXF video onto timeline, only audio

    Mitch889 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I've encountered a very strange problem with Premiere Pro CC v8.2.0 (65) Build 2014.2 on my Mac.


      Whenever I try and drop an MXF file from the bin onto the timeline, I can only ever get it to drop the audio. The video will not drop onto the timeline.


      The video imports fine, plays fine, and I can even drop the file onto the "New Sequence" icon and have it appear in a new sequence (both audio and video). But, if I try and drop any MXF into this new timeline, same problem happens. The extremely irritating workaround I have using at the moment involves dropping the file onto the "New Sequence" icon at the bottom of the bin, then copying and pasting the MXF from the new sequence to my main project sequence.


      I've tried different presets, new projects and reboots and nothing works. The footage was filmed on a Sony PMW-300.


      Has anyone else encountered this and how did you fix it?