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    What Setting are Applied to RAW Imports?

    SteveHS Level 1

      When I import my RAW files into Lightroom, what settings are applied to them - camera or Lightroom settings.  If Lightroom, how do I change those settings?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Many of the camera settings are proprietary, Lightroom cannot read most of them. Consequently, Adobe must create camera defaults for every model of camera that shoots raw images. If you have a Nikon or Canon camera you can go to the calibration section in the develop module and find camera matching profiles for many of the in-camera settings. Most other brands of cameras will have one profile called Adobe Standard. All of these profiles are only available on raw images. JPEG images taken by the camera will have an embedded profile, and that's all that's available.


          If you have a Canon or Nikon camera you can try the different camera settings available in the calibration section. Lightroom is programmed to read the Adobe Standard profile. If this profile isn't acceptable you can create your own preset with the settings the way you want them, and this preset can be applied when images are imported. Alternatively, you can set everything the way you want it to be initially on one of your images, and then save new camera defaults using those settings. Then they will be applied automatically to any images that you import into Lightroom.

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            SteveHS Level 1

            Thanks, Jim.  That seems to clear it up for me.