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    Cant load Editor on my trial version of premier elements 13

    jasperthesiamese Level 1

      I have placed so many posts on here its unbelieveable


      Fortsly I had problems with a bought disc with premier 13 and eventually I found out that it was a counterfiet so I sent that back


      I thought that I would download the trial version of Premier 13 to see if I could get on with it and an hour and a half it took to download only to find the downlod doing exactly the same as the purchased one


      I have been chatting to ATR on this forum and Arjun asked me to send him a prvate message and he would get someone to call me back but I dont know how to do that


      The problem is that I cannot edit videos at all. My editor doesnt open at all and I have tried everything. Firewall off and on and installing and uninstalling so many times I have lost count


      The photos work but not the video editor


      If I put photos on then the editor will work but not videos


      I really dont know what to do as if I cant get the trial version to work then there is no point in me having it


      Please can somebody help?