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    Vector Images in After Effects

    mythster Level 1

      I'm trying to figure out the workflow on some motion info graphics for a documentary film.


      In Flash I created a 2D animation using a layered Illustrator file. It looks very crisp and sharp when I exported it to quicktime to put into Premiere.


      Then I created the same thing in After Effects to see what the process was like comparatively for this type of graphic.


      The thing that strikes me is the After Effects video doesn't look as crisp as the Flash animation even though they are both HD 1080p. The lines are more pixelated in the After Effects. I just looks blurrier.


      Is that because After Effects rasterizes those graphics and Flash does not?


      The main reason I am considering using After Effects is it is obviously a more robust program and I might need some its features. It also might be easier for the editor, who is more versed in AE to adjust the animations and because it roundtrips easier from Premiere, but I don't want to use it if the animations are not going to look at crisp.


      I'd appreciate hearing suggestions or thoughts on this.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Make sure CR is turned on in AE. Flash converted to a movie rasterizes the vectors because there are no vectors in movies. AE produces amazing animations if you learn how to use it but poor workflow and improper rendering techniques can foul up anything. You should have perfect results in AE if you are using the right techniques.


          ALSO, and this is important, You can't judge video by looking at a still frame. You have to judge the quality when the video is playing at speed on the device it is intended to be shown on. Something that looks great on a computer screen may look horrible on TV or when projected. There is an awful lot technical stuff that you must be familiar with to produce good video for distribution on multiple devices.

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            mythster Level 1

            Thank you Rick. I turned on CR for all the layers. I'm going to post a screen grab of what I'm talking about. I exported both videos in the same compression and both were made for HD 1080p in their settings. I exported the AE in animation codec to get the best quality. Here are the screen grabs from the exported videos in Quicktime. I would love to be able to have as crisp a picture in AE because I think I may be able to do more with it in the long run and it's more of a film industry standard.


            If anyone can direct me as to what I'm doing wrong it would be greatly appreciated, but I think you can see the difference I'm talking about and why the Flash image is more desirable.


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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Screenshots of your composition settings, render settings, and output module settings would help.