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    Using Numbers effect and can't go above 30,000

    Loch Phillipps

      I am trying to do a comp where I have numbers counting up on screen.  There seem to be a lot of ways to do this but perhaps the simplest is using the Numbers effect.  But it seems that within this effect that I can't go above 30000.  Is this an actual limitation or am I doing something wrong? 


      I also want to add commas eventually and have found an expression online to do this.  If anyone has any thoughts about that, I'd appreciate those too.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I use this animation preset to create a money counter that will do just about anything. Just apply it to an empty text layer, set your font and adjust the parameters in the Effects Control panel. Adjust the multipliers, tun on and off commas, set the duration of the count.... Everything you need is right here: Dropbox - moneyCounter.ffx (Note if dropbox adds a .txt extension to the file name just remove it)


          I also have a universal time counter and about 200 additional custom animation presets that make me more productive in almost every motion graphics job I do. I'd suggest you start building a library.


          And, yes, the numbers plug-in is limited to 30,000.... Nothing you can do about that except use multiple layers, which I have also done. First 3 digits, then a comma from a text layer, then next three, and so on and so on to count to 9 trillion once in 5 seconds. My Animation Preset is much easier and works perfectly if you pick a monospaced font

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            Loch Phillipps Level 1

            This is great Rick and thanks so much.  With the numbers effect I was able to turn off proportional spacing so that the group of numbers doesn't move so much from left to right as number 1s appear in different columns and affect spacing.  I'm guessing that since you specify that I should use a monospaced font that this is not an option with your preset.  Correct?  Or is there some work around I can do by adding another effect or something?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Unless you care to do a lot of exotic match an control the kerning/ spacing with a ton of additional text animators and expressions, there is no easy way to achieve that. Font metrics calculations are convoluted since the actual rendered glyph must not at all be representative of the underlying per-character definitions for that stuff... Monospaced fonts/ fonts with table numbers are way to go.



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                Great job Rick! Is there a way to turn off the decimals? Thanks!