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    How to Search Lightroom Library for Photos Using Specific Camera Profiles?

    Rocket IT

      Photos processed using Lightroom 5.6 camera profiles for the Nikon D810 displayed posterized colors. A temporary workaround was published by Adobe, as described here:


      Nikon D810 camera profiles display posterized colors


      Lightroom 5.7 resolved the issue, but I still have a lot of photos that were processed with the "v2 beta" camera profiles provided by Adobe, and those profiles still remain on my computer. I'd like to find all the photos in my Library that were processed using a v2 beta camera profile, update them to the respective new 5.7 profiles, then remove the v2 beta profiles from my computer so they no longer show as options in the Lightroom Camera Calibration pane.


      How can I search my Library to find all the photos that used one of the beta Camera Profiles?