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    How do I use edge commons composition loader to load multiple compositions with a next and back button?


      I am working on an interactive book and have set up each page as a separate composition in edge.

      I am using  the edge commons JS library to load multiple compositions into a main composition.

      You can see how this works here: Edge Commons - Extension Library for Edge Animate and Edge Reflow | EdgeDocks.com


      The way the edge commons tutorial is set up requires a button for each composition i want to load. I am interested in loading multiple compositions with a "next" and "back" button, and a "swipe left, "swipe right" gesture on the content symbol that each composition is loaded into. I also need the swipe features on the content symbol not to interfere with the interactive elements on the loaded composition.


      Please suggest a solution that will work without adding additional scripts beyond edge commons and jquery.