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    premiere elements13 cant export mts2( AVCHD h.264avc)1920x1080p 50fps? only 25fps?

    Spike29 Level 1

      Im exploring my new program and some things are seems to be disapointing:


      Im always pre-edit al the film parts; cut then clean of useless frames. and rename them  te keep them in order of shootingtime for furter editting to a standalone movie or/and place the smal movieparts between the photo's in logial order and export this in to a presentation.

      That was the main gool to buy photoshop&premiere pack.


      But for some reason i can't export the edit parts in the same quality as the source (no rendering needed)

      The max quality i can find is 1080p 25 fps..! (AVCHD file. So i lose 50% of my material!

      Thats not funny anymore


      Do i look in the wrong places or is this something that adobe needs to be added into premiere elements?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          There is no export to file  from Premiere Elements (any version) for a file extension of .m2ts. (I think that is to what you are referring when you wrote .mts2).

          There are exports to be found with .mts file extensions in Publish+Share/Computer/


          Under the .mts opportunities, like you, I see no opportunity to export to a file with a 50 progressive frames per second frame rate.


          However, if your workflow is not .mts restricted, then I would suggest that you look at




          with Presets = MP4 H.264 1920 x 1080p25 and customize that preset to MP4 H.264 1920 x 1080p50 under the Advanced Button/Video Tab of the preset.


          Have you been there and done that or need specifically a file with a .mts or .m2ts file extension? If the latter is the case, we might explore the .mp4 route and renaming the file extension of the export?


          The above should give you excellent quality results.



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            Spike29 Level 1

            A.T. Romano


            Yes indeed, file.mts2 (mis hit on keyboard)

            And THANKS!  I found your costomize advise. (the help didnt give me the clue)

            And there is even a button "identical source"  wich basicly copies the source quality and container specifications.

            So now i can make a tab specialy for cleaning fragments form diverend sources (AVI from other camera's and so on and don't have to wonder each time of im using the right export setting.


            And customize the export settings totaly for my needs.


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the good news that the details are what you were seeking and should work for you.


              But, a word of caution....about "a button "identical source". Do you mean the option "Automatic (based on source)" in some of the Advanced export settings?

              If so, be advised that they have not worked as advertised for many versions. So, do not take that choice for granted.

              More detailed information on that coming soon.


              Best wishes. Happy January 1, 2015.



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                Spike29 Level 1

                First: also best wishes for 2015!


                Thanks for the heads up. I will do some check and testing  before.


                I will be on the site many times trying to find my way in getting information  how to get the results that I want and not the results given by the automatic settings.


                Well its the first day that im using this version came from pse10 so it look a bit diverend in the interface and finding the right control tabs.


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  You will do fine.


                  Another caution....you are not going to find VBR, 2 pass in Premiere Elements 13 export settings.

                  Whether or not it will return in the next version is known to Adobe alone.


                  The Premiere Elements 13 Daily Discoveries blog information might be of interest as you move forward with your exploration and experimentation with Premiere Elements 13

                  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: Premiere Elements 13 Daily Discoveries

                  I also wrote a Premiere Elements 13 First Look blog that has lots of details which may come in handy one time or another




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                    Spike29 Level 1

                    Thanks for te links. i will visit them soon.


                    There is for now one thing im cracking my head over the last few hours.

                    I can't get it done right. Making a presentation for  watching a album (stills and short videoparts) on TV

                    Basicly my end product of al the work before.


                    pse10: creating presentation: photo's and video merged together in a smooth movie.

                    when i'm click on the tab, then i have some choises like:  show time photo (1,2,3,4,5 sec),  panning/zooming on or not, photo text or not, sound track, etc.

                    So you can make a clean and full screen presentation with some music and so one.(only no H264 video type only avi.)


                    PSE 13: creating presentation: i can't find the check box for disabling the panning and zooming, and the photobook like background.

                    only choise: 4 thems and al have there panning and zooming and other things  want to have choise over to switch off.

                    And then some marginal control over aperance of the presentation.

                    (mostly automatic export types so you get a electronic photobook with whissels and bells:  fun but not what i want to achive.)


                    Going for " dvd or blueray burning" just like making a homemovie whit stills and motion:

                    then premiere elements starts up: import al the photo's and movieparts in to the time line.

                    looks fine and i can choose from several options like background music and so one. = so im nearly happy.


                    BUT i  can't  include the  photo text in to the photo automaticly (the one you can adding underneed the photo in pse.) (this is only happening in the pse presentation where i can't turn off that panning and zooming and have no clue how to get rid of the  storybook-background (this makes the actual picture smaller and that is what i want to see.)


                    Do you have the solution?


                    (Im little bit dylectic so im more like trial and error and google for info  because the help functions of most programs never understands what im asking and coms up whit anything else than my requested info.   )

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      The Elements Organizer 13 Slideshow feature is drastically unlike what existed in versions of Elements Organizers earlier than 13.


                      Depending on what you call good news and bad news....Before 13, only Elements Organizer  Windows offered the Slideshow feature.

                      Now in 13, it is offered to the Elements Organizer 13 Windows and Mac user....and now you can export a 720p or 1080p slideshow

                      with 5 different choices for a theme.


                      Not so good news....your control of the slideshow features in the new Elements Organizer goes from limited to non existent by comparison to

                      Elements Organizer of previous design. Some observations

                      a. You cannot control pan and zoom effects of the theme selected

                      b. Location and style of the text caption are dependent on which of the 5 themes you select.

                      c. In the new, there is no Edit with Premiere Elements Editor in the pop up menu after right clicking the Slide Show Project thumbnail. There is an Output Video which takes you back to the Slideshow Builder.

                      (It appears that you have your Slide Show Project (saved to the Elements Organizer in case you want to edit

                      the slideshow) and your 720p or 1080p exports (AVCHD.mp4 files) as the way out of the Elements Organizer for the slideshow prepared there. It is those .mp4 files that you can take into Premiere Elements with Premiere Elements' Add Media/Files and Folders, but there is no Break Apart AVCHD.mp4 slideshow so that you can make significant edits.


                      You might want to explore creating your slideshows solely within the Premiere Elements Editor workspace or reverting back to Elements Organizer 10 for your Elements Organizer slideshows. And, do not think that you can trick Elements Organizer 13 into accepting the Elements Organizer 10 slideshow with a catalog conversion. Elements Organizer 13 accepts the 10 slideshow in that instance only after it converts to its new slideshow format.



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                        Spike29 Level 1



                        Thanks for the clear answer.


                        Why think the developers we want/like moving(panning and zooming) stills/photo's?  or have a background where a lot smaller photo is visible?

                        This is fun for facebook or a googleplus or a any other space where people don't realy watch but just socialize.

                        No use for 50inch TV watching then it is anoying.

                        Maybe we (all the users) can tikkel the adobe developers to rewrite some of this and give us a editors choise:

                        1 panningor/ and zoom or not

                        2 background or not

                        3 tekst or/and music or not.

                        They only have to ad a new theme: "Build it your self" theme

                        Or ad the possibility in premiere to place automaticly the underscribed tekst in to the photo.


                        (where can i deposite this idea on the adobe site?)


                        for now:

                        Yes im using PSE-organiser for photo's and small videoparts . Only videoshots for longer then few minuts is seperate organised and edit to a seperate Homemovie.

                        The appeel of photoshop elements is /was that after  postproccesing, tagging, organising and put some info like: where,what, who in the underscribe; you can export this work to a slideshow in a few click action and store this as a video/homemovie.

                        So whenever we want see some holiday memory or other albums: switch on the TV,  reach in to the nass, select the slideshow, watch and enjoy.

                        (why bather to spend allot of time if you never rewatch the shots included information where and who as a family?)


                        I think for now that the closest way of producing the ideal slideshow (720p/1080p) is using premiere 13 editor and manualy adding the tekst/underscribts.

                        (a lot of extra work)


                        -PSE 10 is usable when im downsize the video parts to accepted format. AVi or mp2? (In what resolution is .slideshow.WMA produced?)

                        (a little strange just keep pse10 installed for slideshows...)

                        I have to test of de cataloge's syncronize also the tags and tekst from both versions otherwize i have to do the work twice.


                        To be positieve: in less then 2 days im gaining al lot of knowledge about pse/pre 13.

                        And this version (13) is just released so maybe they acknoledge there "mistakes" and correct this in a update.....

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                          Spike29 Level 1

                          First project with my new program

                          The automatic presentation from the organisor isn't my thing so im did the manual by Premiere:


                          I wanted a holiday edit in Premiere and imported the files (photo's and video) ; 271 files and let say four of them where video parts.

                          ending up with 36 min. presentationvideo./homemovie


                          step 1- opening up Organisor to see what i've wrote there under the photo's (using for copie and pasting while making plaine text by al photo's that needed that.)

                          (premiere did crash a few times to the proces of adding text in the photo's , was not responding anymore and i had to restart and reload project and do some work again.) not funny


                          (its do-able but very time consuming and im thinking to reconsider the amount of text added to the photo's)


                          step 2- make some background music and edit volume around the video parts.

                          (used at first one of the standards and exented this til the end, but after watching halfway  of my project was going the right way it was to anoying so i deleted this and put some real music underneed. (mutch better.)


                          step 3- This part is lets say, a bit screaming for improvement: getting al the transisions between the photo's and videoparts piece by piece.

                          It was hand cracking  mouse movement for hours. (simple calculation: 271 files is 270 transisions....every transision needs 4 to 5 mouse clicks arrrggghhh)


                          Well did a little help  reading and something solves them self:>


                          Apply a default transition in the Expert view timeline  

                          1. Do one of the following:Right-click/ctrl-click the selected clips, and select Apply Default Transition Along CTI.
                            • To select non-consecutive clips, Shift-click each clip.
                            • To select consecutive clips, click in the Project Assets panel, and drag a marquee around the selected clips.
                            • To select all the clips, press Ctrl-A.
                          2. Select one of the following options:
                            • Audio
                            • Video

                          The transition is applied to all the selected clips.


                          I hope that i was missing something (yes i did big time ) and that this can be done in a automatic way  : choose one transision and let it placed between all files.

                          (do some replacement here and there  for fun, done.)


                          Step 4 go through the hole project to see of everything is in the correct place. Render.


                          and produce:

                          Mpeg4 and avchd h264 to see of there is any diverence.