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    Dropped frames during export


      Hey there,


      So I'm having an issue where I'm getting dropped frames on my video after I export it. This issue only began a few weeks ago.


      I've tried the following:

      1. Cleaning my media cache
      2. Transferring my Creative Cloud account settings to this computer
      3. Setting the "Indeterminate Media Timebase" to 29.97fps Non-Drop-Frame (based on another solution for a similar problem from another forum post)
      4. Restarting my computer
      5. Rendering my timeline before exporting
      6. Updating my graphics card driver (Nvidia GeForce GTX 570)
      7. Making sure my "Video Rendering and Playback" is set to "Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration CUDA)
      8. Converting my GH2 MTS files to DNxHD MXF files (because Premiere Pro HATES MTS files, in my experience).


      I've tried the above but I'm still getting dropped frames/choppy playback in parts of my exported video (not the entire video, just certain random sections every time).


      I've attached screenshots of my export settings. My computer specs are below.


      What more do I need to do to fix this issue?






      Intel Core i7 3770K @ 3.50 GHz

      16 GB Memory

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570

      Windows 7 Ultimate SP1