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    I honestly don't know how to describe this.


      You see, I am a youtube who specializes in a thing called youtube commentaries, where we show the viewer a bad video and interject why it is wrong with pictures, usually putting in effects and jokes to entertain. I bought a creative cloud subscription with premiere because I thought the price was good and needed a new editor. I put in my first video I was commentating on at the time and it turned out fine. then I put my picture or avatar in the timeline, and the picture ended up huge, so big that I was barely able to see the picture in the preview screen, so with that I scale down my picture so that I could see it in the preview screen, and it worked well from there. until I exported and posted it onto youtube, where the pictures were only half the screen instead of full screen like they should be. I wanna know what is going on, I think it involves sequences but I don't know how to fix this or why it is happening.