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    What are the settings for Primere Elements 9 if I've filmed with a Canon Powershot sx50 HS?


      I just got this camera and I want the best quality possible. Unfortunately, it's hard for me to fully know if the settings I try create that. I get a fuzz or noise on objects like if I'm wearing a black jacket it's like static. When I put the video on my phone which is an Android Galaxy s4 it converts it into mp4 format and I get much more clear results than on my computer which perplexes me. I did a lot of trial and error with my previous camera (JVC Full HD Everio) which I got the same results. My newer Canon should be leagues ahead of the JVC, but I really can't tell as of yet. If anyone could help that would be awsome. I have examples of my trials and errors from my Youtube videos which you can see I felt I was slowly making progress with the JVC Oppositeofhood - YouTube