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    Problem singature.


      I have PC and windows 7. After I did try create restore-point for windows Adope digital edition start informProblem signature:   problem; Event Name:    CLR20r3   Problem Signature 01:    digitaleditions.exe   Problem Signature 02:   Problem Signature 03:    51efabb4   Problem Signature 04:    System.Core   Problem Signature 05:   Problem Signature 06:    4ca2d78d   Problem Signature 07:    a44   Problem Signature 08:    131   Problem Signature 09:    System.UnauthorizedAccess   OS Version:    6.1.7601.   Locale ID:    1035. Help function inform, PC is already aucthorised. I can not open URLL link from Library any more. I already installed ADE 2.0 several time no Help. What I have to do fro this aucthorisation problem ? Early Adope DE 2.0 has worked well several months