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    PDF restricts printing when I only restricted editing


      Hello everyone. I create and sell printable wedding invitation templates that customers can fill in and print at home or at a copy shop. I create the fillable forms in Acrobat. Obviously I don't want people to open the PDFs in Illustrator and edit my artwork, so I password protect my PDFs. The customer can fill in and print, but they cannot copy the images. Here are the settings I use:

      security settings.jpg


      Most customers can print without any problems. However, some customers (about 1 in 40) say that when they try to print, they get asked for a password. I don't understand why this happens.


      Are they trying to print at a low resolution while I only allow high resolution printing? Is that possibly why they get asked for a password? Does anyone have any ideas about why this is happening? Any help would be appreciated.