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    Lightroom: Working with Windows and Mac OS


      Previously I have been using MS Windows forever.  Now I have seen the light and bought a MacBook Pro.  My problem is that I cannot open my Lightroom Catalog on the MBP.  I believe this is to do with the file system the drive is formatted to (NTFS not FAT32?).


      I store my catalog AND original raw files on the external drive.  I understand this is not best practice however I have a notebook for mobile work and a desktop PC with a calibrated screen for heavier work.  The notebook is a MBP and the desktop is a Windows PC.


      My question is, is there a way of formatting the external hard disk so it can be used by both systems?  If so, would simply moving all the content to another drive, formatting and then moving back be sufficient ?  Also I have no idea how to format a disk from Mac! (I am new to apple)


      Many thanks for any advice.



      MBP is a 2014 MBP Retina

      On desktop PC Windows 7 Professional is being used