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    Sequential Numbering on Formscentral Form

    Sequential Numbering

      Is there a way to have a sequential numbering on the user end of submitting a form.  I have a Purchase Request form for our employees to complete and need them to have a Purchase Request Number for them to be able to reference. Therefore, it cannot be a number in the View Responses spreadsheet because the user would never see the number to have it for reference.

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          There is not a way for the person filling out the form to see such a number the instant they fill out the form. If the form e-mails to the respondent with a copy of their responses however, the e-mail includes text indicating which response number their submission has counted up to. (If you also receive e-mail receipts of each submission, you would see the same info.)


          So, for instance, you and the respondent would see, at the top of the e-mail, something like:


          "The form <your form name here> has a new submission.

          Total Responses: 238"



          I hope that helps,