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    Using Book Module in LR 4.4, the color in the Blurb preview is far different (very bad) from that shown in LR, the PDF or the Blurb book store display image.  Blurb says it must be a LR problem.  I'm trying to figure it out and fix it.


      I've just produced my first Book Module book with LR 4.4 and Blurb.  I've made many other books with BookSmart, so this is not totally new to me.


      I uploaded the book from the Book Module to Blurb's site and reviewed it in the Preview option they provide.  All of the book appears fine except for the cover image, which is horrid.  I made the cover quite dark so as to be somewhat "subliminal" in effect.  In Lightroom and the PDF I produced as a proof, the cover comes out looking the way I want it to look.  When I uploaded it and Previewed it on the Blurb site the cover is blotchy and the colors are all changed and distorted and the image does not look at all like that which I uploaded. 


      Blurb's support says it has to be a Lightroom (Adobe) problem.  It appears to me it must be a Blurb problem.  I'm trying to chase it down and fix it so I can publish the book. 


      Note:  In the last book I published with Blurb (using BookSmart, not the Book Module in LR) the only image which didn't come out as I intended was one where the main subject was very dark shades of detail.   It appears their printing process may be poor at handling shadow detail.  (Ocotillo Canvas | Photo book preview | Blurb Books) page 16, the couplers are sorely lacking in detail and subtle coloration which exists in the file quite nicely. 


      Anyone got any helpful thoughts?