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    draggable interaction not working on android


      I'm using Jquery UI draggable in a project of mine, a cross-platform app.


      The draggable part works on iOS and Android - the element can be dragged, though it seems to be more offset the farther I drag it.


      However, the draggable element's position should trigger a hide/show action on another object along with an audio event. This works fine on iOS but not on Android.


      My code is as follows:


      //Make element draggable

      sym.$("MOWER").draggable({ containment: "parent", axis: "x" });


      //Draggable element affects other element and plays sound

      sym.$("MOWER").touchmove(function(e) {





                playPGAudio(getPGPath() + "media/SFX_MooshiBark.mp3");









      Both parts of the code are in compositionReady. This is necessary because of the audio, if I attach the play audio script to the element itself it won't play.


      However, I have tried the script on the element as well but I get the same result, it drags but doesn't trigger the hide/show



      Thanks in advance for your help...