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    Flash Chaching for Images

      I am trying to preload images that are used throughout a flash slideshow. I have a preloader that takes an array of filenames (imageArray) and uses that to load an image into a movie clip. Each movie clip has an image, all movie clip images are held within one other movieclip.
      holder_mc.mc0 has an imageArray[0]
      holder_mc.mc1 has an imageArray[1]
      holder_mc.mc2 has an imageArray[2]
      ...and so on.

      They load fine into these movie clips, but now I need to know how I can use these movie clips in another movie clip in the animation part.

      Right now I am just loading the image into the movie clip, hoping that the image is cached somewhere in flash and it automatically pulls it from there instead of download it again. Is that how it works or not?
      What I'm diong now:
      then later:
      Is this just redownloading the image? Or is it getting it from a cache? If it isn't getting it from cache, how can I use the stored images in the holder_mc clip to load into the main_mc clip when I need them?