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    Adjustment slider dragging does not follow mouse


      I have this issue with Lightroom's trial version that comes up once in a while that I can't fully replicate.

      The issue is that sometimes, when sliding an adjustment slider, the slider seems to be exponential of what the mouse is. Look at the screenshot below.




      If I click and drag near the left side, the tick will not be underneath the mouse, but further along the slider (almost twice as much). If I continue to slide, the tick will always be TWICE as far as where the mouse is. (e.g. Mouse at -4, Tick at -2).

      This is an incredibly strange behaviour, and it can only be solved by restarting Lightroom. I'm not sure if the Trial is different than the actual application. But this seems like more of a bug than anything.


      Has anyone had this issue before?



      Thanks very much

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          Keith_Reeder Level 5

          Yeah, I'm seeing some distinct flakiness with mouse responsiveness and behaviour in Lightroom 5.7.x on my my new WIn 8.1 box.

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            Keith_Reeder Level 5

            To add some detail:


            On my brand new Win 8.1 box, clicking on a slider is as likely as not to be ignored - the slider seems randomly not to recognise the presence of the pointer: and even when the mouse pointer DOES pick up the slider, it's not "sticky" - I might be able to move the slider (say) to the left, but - without me breaking contact (I keep the mouse button firmly pressed down) - if I then move the slider to the right, the pointer comes off the slider, which stays where it is.


            This on three different models/makes of mouse, two wireless, one wired, all completely current for drivers etc.


            No other software is affected.