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    Re: cffile accept="application/msword"  problem with   Firefox

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      billdimit wrote:
      > Anyone?
      > Why Firefox doesn't recognize the MIME type application/msword?
      > By the way, I've tried uploading excel and it works with this code:
      > accept="application/vnd.ms-excel"
      > Thanks,
      > b.

      this is very strange...

      i have tried looking everywhere for why wouldn't FF recognize the
      application/msword mime type, and could only come up with the following:

      your file is not actually an application/msword mime type file, but
      rather some other type with a .doc extension

      but i guess you will know if it is really an ms word doc or not... did
      you try opening it in ms word? do you have ms word installed on your
      machine? - could that be a problem?

      did you try DOWNLOADING an ms word file in your copy of FF? does it
      recognize ms word docs when you do that?

      i have used accept="application/msword" gazillion times in my code and
      it has never failed in any browser...

      sorry i am just thinking out loud and not actually giving constructive

      Azadi Saryev
      Vientiane, Laos