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    AA 8 Pro - creating a form template (master)

    warbuckle Level 1

      Hello all


      1st time using AA so a nice learning curve..........:)


      Here's my issue, I have a form, 2 per 8.5X11 page with 8 fields each for input, (usually hand-written in), I wish to eliminate the writing part, and after scanning approx 10 pages (2 forms / page) have a "master template" that I can overlay over the scanned images of the pages.


      I have scanned and edited the form using AA 8's built in module (Lifestyle Designer); adding my textboxes for input, so this part is not the issue, I would like to add my template to the builtin ones that ship with AA, so that when I scan the page(s) I have this master form template to overlay the page,