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    movie playing slowly?

      hey all, i'm having a little problem i hope you can help with. i had to pick up someone elses job, its mostly done however theres a playback problem. Here's a link

      its 3 smaller files loading into a shell swf. something is going on causing the files to load very slowly until they've loaded completely, then they play correctly. is there any way to tell the shell movie to preload the loaded movies completely at startup?
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          Sketchsta Level 1
          I've just had a look, and it seems fine to me..

          Yes you can tell Flash to load the movies before they play..
          If you post your preloader code i can help you out..

          If not.. basically you tell the listener to stop and play the movie..

          listener.onLoadInit = function(target_mc:MovieClip){
          listener.onLoadStart = function(target_mc:MovieClip){
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            mmezo Level 1
            currently there is no preloader code at the moment. would preloading the shell swf also preload the loaded swf's?

            where would i put that code you gave me? in the first frame of the shell? as there are 3 swfs being loaded, is there an easy way to have that code affect all 3 movies at once, or do i need to have a seperate instance of the code for each swf being loaded?

            thanks for the help!
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              Sketchsta Level 1
              well the preloader code goes in to where ever you want to load things...

              you said that there are 3 movies being loaded into the shell. simply change the code there, from a loacClip() to a preLoader code...

              The listener code will go on the same frame as the preloader.
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                Sketchsta Level 1
                ohh, about your other queston.. No, preloading the shell will not preload your loaded content too..