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    RH 10 is suddenly flickering between pagination and displaying

    ktbFL Level 1

      I am trying to work on a topic, but RH 10 is "flickering"... the lower right hand corner status (at the very bottom of the PM pane)  is flickering between "Pagination" and "Displaying".  The font and font size is flickering, and the Paragraph and Character Styles pod list is flickering from "Normal" thru the list and then back to "Normal" in a split second.  I cannot work in the topic...This seems to be happening no matter what topics I'm in... as well as if I create a new topic.


      I did some PM organization of images and topics... and it was fine until then.  I have made all the updates I can find, restarted my system, uninstalled and reinstalled RH and reapplied the updates.


      What the heck is going on?  HELP!