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    PhotoShop CS6 unresponsive


      Having issues with PhotoShop CS6 on a Windows 8 Pro laptop.  Laptop is pretty beefy, so not a memory or resource issue.   All other products work fine.


      User was having problems when trying to save any change made to a photograph.   Would go through the File Save As dialouge, but the file would not save and all menu's on the system would be greyed out.  Have tried with both local and network files.


      During investigating... Was told to change a preference, but as soon as a click through the menu to select the item I want to change, it 'beeps' and all menu's are again greyed out.   Can't even ext the software via the file menu or the X.   Have to open Task Manager and kill it from there.


      When PhotoShop is unresponsive  (all menu's greyed out) all other programs/apps on the laptop are fine. 


      Am not having any luck searching for a solution,  hopefully someone else has encountered this and has a solution.


      Thank you very much.