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    Panasonic GH4 and PP CS5 4K Compatibility


      I still use Premiere Pro CS5... it works fine for me and I never really saw the need to upgrade. I'm now looking into getting a new video camera and am seriously considering the Panasonic GH4 or the X1000. If I use these to shoot in 4K can I simply import the footage into PP CS5 like I have in the past with AVCHD footage? Or will I need to upgrade to PP CC? My PC is very powerful, an I7 with a Cuda card. 


      Upon researching this question on the web I'm seeing conflicting results. Some people say they can just import 4K video into a sequence without a problem and others say it needs to be converted through another 3rd party program. I also found some info about importing RED 4K footage, but is that the same workflow for GH4 4K video?


      I think the only way I'll get an accurate answer is to post here in the Adobe forums. Hopefully there is a PP CS5 user out there who sees this post and who also has a GH4 and can explain their 4K workflow.