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    Setting Up iMac Account for Video Editing Workflow


      Hi everyone!


      I am hoping it is a basic question, but of course, is also very broad. But just a general and efficient answer is all I am looking for. 


      A little about myself. I am graduating film student at SVA, and I finally converted to the entire Adobe Suite and have no regrets whatsoever.  I loved Final Cut Pro 7, but it is far out-dated to continue on with it.  Rest in Peace . I am most skilled in using Avid, which was previously my favorite program to use but with 4k and all, had to move on as well.  Now, Adobe won me over with aesthetics, versatility and incorporation of other keyboard shortcuts, app to app syncing and so on. I use Premiere now and even more so After Effects.  I am learning Speedgrade and many of the other programs as well.   LOVE IT ALL!



      It's a brand new year and I am backing up all my data onto a hard drive and rebooting my iMac to factory settings so I can start anew. It is a fully spec'd out late 2013 iMac with best guts Apple offered. It has a 3TB fusion drive. In my mind, I plan on creating two user accounts. One for simply emails, social media, web surfing, games, writing papers, scripts, and so on... for the reason of staying organized and reducing clutter in my dock and on my desktop.  The second user account is strictly only for creative workflow.  The dock will only be video/photo editing essentials, converters, transcoders, etc, etc.  Hopefully this will be a good set up to have. 


      I am a rather experienced editor. I know the programs, how to make key edits and wow the viewers with a finished product.  But aside from the creative, it really is all luck.  I know nothing about proper import settings, folder set-ups for render files and such. I don't know whether to keep my original files on my external hard drive and editing from that or have a designated folder within iMac to edit from.  I see potential of keeping things organized with Bridge and in other ways.


      So picture you got a brand new iMac with nothing but your applications installed and ready to use, and full hard drive ready to be filled.  How do you set up your folders and files to work optimally, so that all of the applications can be easily and quickly accessed? Do you bring the files that are to be edited on the internal drive? I also had a thought of partitioning the internal hard drive to seperate professional work from leisure, for instance, I would have 500gb reserved for scripts, documents, emails, music, so on. and the rest would be allotted for all things video-wise. And any other advice regarding the technical workflow of editing with multiple applications.


      Hope it isn't a loaded question. I just have a hard time looking for articles and videos with specifics. Links are much appreciated.