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    Adobe RGB 1998 setting for my Canon PRO-10 printer does not appear to work well.


      Basic question: how do I set my Canon PRO-10 so that colors come out as expected?  Details: I have taken photos on my Nikon with the color setting set to Adobe RGB 1998. I have tested printing these to my older HP laser jet printer, with the color setting set to Adobe RGB 1998, and the color of the sky comes out great (a true "azure blue"). However, when I print to my new Canon PRO-10, also with the color setting set to Adobe RGB 1998, the color of the sky is more of a "true blue", which is just not right (the sky has a slight "purplish" tint to it, certainly in comparison with the azure blue). I've tried many combinations of the various related sub-settings on the Canon associated with the Adobe RGB 1998, and non of them result in an accurate color for the sky (they are all highly similar). I have also tested printing from different applications, including directly from Lightroom, as well as from Powerpoint, and the results are consistent (that is, not great). Perhaps this is a question for a Canon forum, but thought I would start here.