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    Aperture Library Importer name is not unique error

    Vwampage Level 1

      When importing my archival Aperture library into Lightroom I get the error "name is not unique:" and then the name that is not unique.


      In my case the name in question isn't a project within Aperture but a Facebook album posted long ago using photos from Aperture. I haven't had my Facebook account linked to Aperture in a long time, but Lightroom throws this error now.

      The published album shows up nowhere in my Aperture library. The Console app shows "1/2/15 5:22:06.979 PM Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5[13255]: Oops! An untagged string (name is not unique: In Which There Is A Flying Train_1) got thrown far enough that we display it to the user. This shouldn't happen."


      One of the other Aperture libraries I imported also used to have my Facebook account on it, but it also does not have that anymore and the published albums were removed.


      How can I get around this and successfully import my library?