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    Error 150:30, Nothing works. Help plz :(


      "Licensing for this produc has stopped working"


      I restored my old operating system after not really liking Yosemite, I am using 10.8.5 and I like this operating system...  I am using CS4 Photoshop which I spent $500 on, and now I am getting a licensing error that is more disturbing.   I have tried almost all things related to suggestions I have found for this.  I didn't run system clean up tools or anything though when reinstalling CS4, would that be a problem?


        I use Photoshop every day.  This is a big blow to me.  I hope I can get help.  I searched for the standard fix to delete the flexnet folder but there is no flexnet folder there for me....


        I remember when I installed Yosemite something popped up about Adbobe CS4 something didn't work anymore.  The authenticator or something I think.  I have been searching for the name of this, for Native Instruments it is called the service center...  Did that have something to do with it?


        Please help   I really need to find a solution for this.

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm very familiar with this problem. If you restore Photoshop from backup instead of reinstalling, you break licensing.


          Two ways to fix this:


          Reinstall from your discs and serial number. Reinstall updates.


          or if you know how to use Terminal and a python script, you might be able to avoid reinstalling.


          Let me know what you want to do.



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            ActivistArt Level 1

            Greetings Gene,  Thank you so much for your altruism in helping people around here.  It speaks volumes for your character.  I ended up being very quickly invited to a skype chat by an adobe rep, and ended up I'm going to buy CS6 for a very moderate price to fix this problem(after of course things like checking my serial for CS4).  Adobe has fully satisfied me with how quick they were, and their solution.  I apologize for others who encounter this problem and don't have the cash for CS6.  It just barely fit in my budget, as long as I can get by on some top ramen later on in the month. lol..     So I am satisfied.


              Thanks for your quick response again Gene.

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              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Oh ok. I'm surprised. A while back Adobe made a policy to offer the CS6 upgrade only one version back...CS5. In fact you can go on the CS6 sales page and see CS5 as the only upgrade path.


              But odd enough the installer accepts cs4 serial numbers, so maybe Adobe just cared about a sale.


              It is a wise move. You can now have the latest Adobe Camera Raw, 8.7.1 without having to convert any later raws to dng.


              I'm glad you made the move, lots more features to use.



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                Hello Gene!


                Can you help me with a similar issue I have on my CS4? I'll try using terminal. How is it done?

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                  gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  First this is for OSX 10.7 and above. Log into an admin account just to be safe.


                  Go here: Error "Licensing has stopped working" | Mac OS

                  and at the bottom download the License Repair Tool to your Desktop. It will be a Mac dmg file.

                  Double-click on the dmg and it will create the License Recover folder.

                  Inside that folder is "LicenseRecover.py"   Keep that folder open.


                  Start Terminal.   Type sudo<space> at the command prompt.

                  Drag and drop the LicenseRecover.py file to the Terminal window and then press <Enter>

                  It should look exactly like the screenshot. Sudo should have a space after it.


                  Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 6.40.18 PM.png


                  When you are sure that's what you have, next is the password.

                  The Terminal cursor may not move or show dots or stars as you type your password, so carefully type it in anyway.

                  Press <enter> and let the script run. It will tell you when it is finished.


                  Exit Terminal and restart CS4.  It should work, but I have gotten one or two complaints that it didn't.