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    Iphoto import created hundreds of empty events


      I used the iPhoto import plug-in to import a library of about 15,000 photos.  I can see albums and events, but there are hundreds of events, most of which have no photos that are named sequentially _1, _1_2, _1_2_3, etc ( there are also many events with proper names).  I just tried renaming one of the events with photos, and Lightroom is running very slowly; it has shown a spinning ball for about 5 minutes and has not completed renaming the event.  Since these are collections, deleting them should not cause any loss of photos, but I'm wondering if there is a better way to clean up these events.


      Thanks for your suggestions.



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          I'm having this very same problem.


          iPhoto Events which were named are coming into LR with names intact.  However, events which were unnamed (and displayed in iPhoto as a date) appear in LR with names as described above.

          Some of the "Events" albums show up with no photos in them as well. 

          Seeking solutions... 

          - Perhaps there's a way to automate renaming of these LR Collections based on photo-taken date metadata.



          -jeremiah moore




          Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 11.02.37 AM.png

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            I just wantet to move frorm iphoto to Lightroom and I recognized the same problem after importing from i-photo. Deleting of those events takes hours. Every select of some events blocked LR for minutes. I am very surprised Adobe does not care about it.

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              Unfortunately, many people are reporting problems with the Aperture/iPhoto Importer plugin.  This forum is a user-to-user forum, in which Adobe rarely participates; I suggest you post your feedback on the official Adobe feedback forum, which Adobe reads and (sometimes) responds: Recently active topics in Photoshop Family about Photoshop Lightroom

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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                NOTE to everyone that is importing from either iPhoto or Aperture.

                I suggest you find the Masters folder buried deep inside the iPhoto/Aperture package folder and COPY all those sub-folders to some other part of your hard drive, internal or external, and instead of using the iPhoto/Aperture plugin just import those images into LR.


                Pluses and minuses to doing this.


                Not having to deal with the problems you may have using the plugin.

                Getting all your images out of the lousy iPhoto program. If you are using Aperture I don't know exactly how that works/worked so I won't say it is a lousy Program.

                Finally saying Good By to iPhoto and saying Hello to a Real Photo management and editing program.



                You will lose any edits you have done to any of your images.

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                  I have run into the same problem. one thing I tried that I was thinking. hoping would solve the issue, is I exported all my files from Aperture, into a folder, keeping the same folder structure, so the files and folders are not buried in the Aperture database anymore,


                  I moved these folders to my Lightroommasters. I then used the import command and used the add command to add the photos to LR and the same issue.


                  Shootistbond007 did you suggestion above work for you?


                  I am going to try a few more things this weekend, including the suggestion above to see if I can fix this. I don't want to go through and rename 536 folders!!!


                  One other thing about my issue, I am having the issue with importing from Aperture. These files and folders in question are files / folders that are imported into Aperture from iPhoto a few years ago.

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                    Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                    I've never had any of these problems because I never used Aperture and only tried iPhoto once when I got my first Mac back in early 2011. iPhoto wasn't for me as I had LR on my PC.


                    The idea of not ASKING the user where they want to import their image to and placing them deep inside some Package folder that isn't expandable without first Right Clicking on it and selecting "Show Package Contents" just P'ed me off (Like most stuff Apple decides for the user).


                    I have since stopped using any Apple product.


                    My suggestions above are in my opinion the best way to go. Sure you lose the edits you have done but most likely those edits are mostly on older images that you probably will never go back to. And if you need to go back to some you can re-edit them fairly easily in LR.

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                      JTalbert Level 1

                      I will try your suggestion this weekend when I have time. I don't care about losing any edits. I can do better edits with LR anyways.


                      But for other people having this problem and find this forum, whatever file structure issue that occurred in iphoto, if you ever imported the photos into Aperture, the same file corruption stays in place.  Files and folders that were originally created in Aperture have no problems with transferring correctly to LR.


                      Thanks or the fast response ShootistBond007!