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    Creative Cloud asking to verify the wrong email

    Mista_Fish31 Level 1



      I recently bought the complete Adobe Creative Cloud set for students, and I received a confirmation email, as expected.

      Following the instructions in the email, I proceeded to log in to adobe.com with my school email and download the Creative Cloud Installer on my mac.

      THE PROBLEM IS, when I open Creative Cloud, it asks me to verify an email - a very old email of mine that no longer exists.  The only options are "check again and continue" and "resend verification email." There's no way for me to sign out and sign back in with my school email.


      In another post someone suggested renaming the OOBE folder, but that didn't work for me.  Also tried restating the computer, reinstalling Adobe CC, changing the email associated with the account, etc...to no avail.  Please help because this has been driving me bananas for the past several hours