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    Subdirectory Baggage Files

      I have set up a couple of subdirectories in my Baggage folders for sample files. RoboHelp has placed them correctly and it generates them correctly in the Flashhelp format. When I click on the file to display it, it will not display at all. If I put the file in the root Baggage folder, it will display correctly through Flashhelp. I would like to keep these files segregated in a subdirectory. Has anyone had a problem with this before?
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          HKabaker Level 2
          A related problem:

          Sometimes RH gets confused about where a baggage file is when it's in a "subdirectory." Bear in mind, this structure does not segregate baggage files in the project folder. All are at the root level, and there is no "Baggage files" folder.

          Symptoms include RH marking a baggage file in the "subdirectory" as missing, although you can see it right there in the RH project folder in the Windows directory. And it's a chore to force RH to reimport it, because the import dialog tells you it's already in the project, despite the "missing" icon. Trying to delete the "missing" item also runs into trouble.

          The brute force solution is to open the CPD file in MS Access and to delete all references to the affected baggage files in database tables. Probably you'll get some broken links, but you can import them again from outside the project folder. This does not guarantee that RH will not lose track again.

          As a result, I do not try to segregate baggage files in the project TOC.

          Another warning: When you "delete" a baggage file, RH leaves it in the project folder but is completely ignorant of its whereabouts. You have to delete it manually in Windows. On the other hand, once RH has accepted a baggage file, do not delete it from the Windows directory until you have "deleted" it from the RH directory.

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            robintn Level 1
            Thanks Harvey. I thought RH would support a subdirectory structure easier than than.