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    READBINARY and HEX values.

      I have a small JPG that I've converted into a RAW RGB format. I've tried every combination of TOBASE64(), FORMATBASEN(), and TOSTRING() that I can think of but still can't read the values.

      For instance, if I open the .RAW file in PaintShop Pro, I can see that the first pixel at (1,1) has an RGB set of 84,82,73. If I open the JPG and look at the same pixel, the same RGB value of 84,82,73 which is kind of brownish grey.

      If I open the .RAW is a hex editor, I can see the hex values as "84-82-73-82-88-79-8c",etc. So, I would like to use CFFILE/READBINARY to read the first set of RGB values. In reality, I would like to read all sets of RGB values, three at a time.

      How is this done?