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    Suggestions for export settings?


      Every time I export a video in premiere pro, it turns out blurry, unlike the original video that I imported.


      I used Action! to record some game play, with the file format AVI, original video size, with a recording framerate of 60, and the video turns out great.. at least until I edit it.


      I've watched many tutorials and read multiple suggestions online, but everything I've tried doesn't work .


      Thank you anyone that replies, I really need some help .


      Here are the settings I most recently used:



      Rendered entire work area

      Format: H.264

      Preset: HD 1080p 29.97

      Export video, Export Audio.

      4. VIDEO TAB

      Width: 1920

      Height: 1080

      Frame Rate: 29.97

      Field Order: Progressive

      Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)

      Profile: Main

      Level: 4.2

      Render at maxium Depth.

      Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 Pass

      Target Bitrate: 32

      Maxium Bitrate: 64

      5. AUDIO TAB


      Bitrate: 320

      Use Maxium Render Quality