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    How do I eliminate or reduce wind noise in a video


      I have a video that I made and there is some wind noise in the background.  How do I eliminate or reduce that noise using Premiere Elements 11.





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          Dngineer Level 1

          I have the same issue with video from my bike rides.  I have LabVIEW software and was thinking about trying a bandstop filter for the wind noise frequency(s).  I wonder if there are audio frequency filters in Premier?  Would still need to know what frequency range to block, but its probably pretty high (~10kHz?).


          My main reason for posting is to also be notified of responses to the question.. Thanks for asking.

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            whsprague Adobe Community Professional

            You probably can't get rid of wind noise in PrE because it has wide frequency range and is nearly impossible to filter.  If it is bad enough, reduce the volume on the audio track or consider replacing the audio with music.


            Adobe does make a program called Audition and those using Premier Pro CC have access to it.  Google for "remove wind noise adobe audition" and you'll find some interesting YouTubes and articles.


            There is a popular audio editing program called Audacity for us amatuers.  It is free for download.  Google "remove wind noise audacity" and you will find more YouTubes and articles.


            As the saying goes, "The hard part about video is the audio".  The only good way to avoid it is to not record it.  Using an external mic with a furry, fluffy or foam thing on it is common.


            I hope someone else has found an easy solution withing Premier Elements.  I've used four versions, starting with 9, and have not found one.