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    Put the moving tool on the toolbar

    Vonster Level 1

      Why do you hide valuable build tools two layers deep? I have to go to a sub-menu of the layers menu? This just makes the whole process slower. Digital is suppose to be a faster work flow not slower.


      Give the user the option via preferences to have the moving/orient tool,(Or do you call it a control? What ever you call it) on the always present tool bar instead. (This goes for the flip tools too) That makes the process faster and easier. Hiding it three clicks deep is far longer than a simple one click on tool bar. And forcing the user to click a pop up to make a function disable is just flat out sloppy development. That is 1990's UI design right there. You have the screen real estate to put other controls on the toolbar. Same with Erase. Why hide that in the the proverbial cup of pencils? I can flip my pencil around and use an analog eraser faster than this virtual one. So why hide it. Treat it like reality, my analog eraser takes a fraction of second to access while drawing, so why is digital slower? In Adobe ideas changing to the eraser didn't change my nib. If an analog reality explains this better it's like me grabbing my eraser and my pencil magically goes back to my cup of pencils. That is just nuts, think practically.


      I'd like the ability to disable two finger swipe erase, I'm always accidentally activating it when pinch zooming, which should tell you guys it's not very practical. At least give the user the ability to set what gesture they want to use for it.


      Right now you have a grand total of 2 preferences? Really? That is pretty lame.


      And still no send PDF via email? That is just dumb-***. Of course strong arming people to chain themselves to CC is your true reason for not having this in the initial launch, we all realize that. Send to illustrator is clever but it assumes too much. Assumes I'm in the same environment as my workstation. Most often I'm not. Assumes I want to activate my desktop app, which I don't. I just want to email a PDF quickly without having to launch my full blown desktop app. Not only that but CC many times is sluggish and it takes longer to send to Ai than it does emailing and opening it manually when I want to open it.


      Do your engineers even really use this app draw in it a lot? That is a rhetorical question btw. If they did this would all be self-evident and obvious. Ideas is still faster and easier to use than draw.


      Until you deem it worthy to refine this app and make it a truly pro app I can't seriously use it for pro work. So much potential so half-baked.