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    Compressor Format Error (-1610153454)


      Cannot export to ProRes4444 or certain other common codecs such PhotoJPG. Error code comes up as

      "After Effects Error: Rendering while writing file to "file/path/file.mov". Compressor format error. (-1610153454)


      Previous versions of AE up to 2014.1 worked. 2014.2 does not.


      No solution on forums, problem or error code doesn't even return a result. Google search for this error code returns a few bogus results.


      Why does the 2014.2 update break my ability to export? It's not the codec as they all worked up to this point. It's not permissisons. Tried uninstall, reinstall. CS6 also worked, but no luck with 2014.2


      Any help appreciated.