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    Horizontal Scroll Problem in Rendering in After Effects


      I am having a 30 minute video in which i need to ADD a horizontal scroll till video end, I made a JPG file of 6000px width and 40px height. Place it in a comp with horizontal scroll effect with -70 speed and adding this code in tile centre expression.


      offset = effect("Autoscroll - horizontal")("Speed (pixels/second)") * (time-inPoint) * (100/scale[0]);

      reset=thisLayer.width*10; //reset after 100 times the width has been scrolled


      [(thisLayer.width/2 + offset)%reset, thisLayer.height/2]


      Now when i check it in Ram preview it works fine but when i render it via AME then it stopped somehwere like

      8.20 minute - 13 minute

      19.52 minute - 22 minutes

      between this time scroll doesn't work. Please help me how to solve this problem, It's really urgent for me I need to complete a project.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not sure what is going on but a better workflow may be to create the scroll as a separate AE comp by pre-composing it, then render and replace in your comp or add the scroll in Premiere Pro and render your deliverable from there.


          It looks like you want the scroll to repeat. The repeat may be where the problem lies. Another approach would be to have your scroll move once, trim the layer to the end of the scroll, Pre-compose trimming the pre-comp to the length of the layer, and then either loop the pre-comp in your main comp using time-remapping and loopOut("cycle") in time remapping, or render and replace the pre-comp and loop the footage indefinitely in Footage Interpretation.


          I tend to to simple title scrolls on Premiere Pro because it's so easy if it's just text and it renders a lot faster than from AE.