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    After Effects Technique


      Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and it is a pleasure for me to be here.

      I have a question to ask yourself:

      I would like to create music videos with this type of technique:

      I post links to 3 different videos but where I think the technique is the same but used slightly differently.

      If you can linkatemi videos where is explained the technique or the link where I can read up about it, in short everything that can be of help.

      Even with that program have been made according to you although I imagine that both After Effects




      I hope you can help me, thanks: D

      Sorry for my english

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not really much to do with AE beyond basic animation stuff. Those could be anything from imported pre-painted images to animated mask paths with a bit of wiggling. well, whatever, since you don#t seem to have the slightest idea about any of this, giving specific advise seems somewaht pointless. there are no shortcuts and you need to learn the program.


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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There is no one technique that is used in all three videos. All examples involve layering, tracing outlines or edge finding, separating items from the background, and other techniques that have very little to do with plug-ins or automatic effects. The first example could be kind of accomplished using cartoon effects. None of the projects can be accomplished without a knowledge of how compositing works, keyframes, and some knowledge of masks, keying, paths and other basic AE skills. If you are new then follow the link Mylenium gave you and take a look at this one: Basic Workflow


            If you have some experience then let us know. There is no one tutorial I can point you to that will do you much good if you are not familiar with how AE works and comfortable with the things I have talked about.