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    Scripting 'Save PSD as PDF with password security' and 'Open PDF with password security' issue.



      I'm now building an extension for Photoshop. The script (jsx) should save the active document as Photoshop PDF secured with a password. The PW is the same all the time and is set in the script. Then the script is to open the PDF with that same password. I need all this to protect the PDF from opening by a user, so that only the script has access to the file.


      I've googled a lot. I've seen a similar topic on this community dated as 2012. It's not answered. With an only comment saying that saving with a password seems to be possible via GUI and not via a script.

      Has anything changed since 2012?


      P.S. Illustrator .documentPassword and .requireDocumentPassword don't work in PS and ScriptListener still gives nothing :-/