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    Scripting 'Save PSD as PDF with password security' and 'Open PDF with password security' issue.

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      I'm now building an extension for Photoshop. The script (jsx) should save the active document as Photoshop PDF secured with a password. The PW is the same all the time and is set in the script. Then the script is to open the PDF with that same password. I need all this to protect the PDF from opening by a user, so that only the script has access to the file.


      I've googled a lot. I've seen a similar topic on this community dated as 2012. It's not answered. With an only comment saying that saving with a password seems to be possible via GUI and not via a script.

      Has anything changed since 2012?


      P.S. Illustrator .documentPassword and .requireDocumentPassword don't work in PS and ScriptListener still gives nothing :-/