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    iPhoto plugin sync with Lightroom 5.7


      I cannot see if this is a topic elsewhere so apologies if so.  I have LR 5.7 with iPhoto plugin.  I initially ran the import of my iPhoto library which has created smart collections (or at least what appear to be smart collections).  I imagined these would automatically sync with iPhoto as new items were added into iPhoto.  That does not seem to be the case.  So, I looked for a manual sync option in LR and there appears to be no such option.


      The only way, it appears, to 'sync' the iPhoto collections in LR is to run the import feature but that looks as though it will import ALL of my iPhotos again (>8000!!).


      Does anyone know if there is a sync option/function or a better way to keep LR synced with iPhoto?


      Thanks in advance