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    Select layer/object will not move in PS, but will move another layer. Need help

    buffettnh Level 1

      I appreciate the help ahead. I cannot figure this out with my Photoshop CC.

      Basically when I select a layer on the right, and then go to move the object in that layer, it moves a different layer behind it.


      In the screen shot below on the left I am selecting the artwork layer on the right, which is the flip flops on the shirt.
      From here I can use the arrows to move the graphic. However, as soon as I use the mouse to select the flip flop graphic and go to move it, the layer selection on the right jumps to the shading and moves a background layer.


      What am I doing wrong? Super frustrating!
      Running Win 7 x64 8 gig ram, i7, 2 gb Nvidia card.