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    ID CS6 hyperlinks bug: URL to nowhere


      The problem is:

      In > hyperlinks I enter my URL > www.linkedin.com/in/name


      and inDesign converts it to this URL which goes nowhere when saved as a pdf:




      I have read the other posts about fixing this same bug by running a java script, but those handy tips didn't include instructions on how to run a java script on MAC Mavericks for print end-users that know that java as only something you drink. If somebody include a step-by step (ie: open terminal > copy script > push button, etc.) on how to run that script or anything else that has worked to correct this bug, that would be awesome.


      I tried using BBedit and text edit to remove the extra characters and re-entered them into the hyperlinks URL with no success. My copy of the InDesign CS6 was not a beta version. It was a bonafide full-priced version. Not thrilled about having to subscribe to CC to resolve this.


      Any other suggestions as to how to solve this in a simple manner would be appreciated (other than using Quark or making an epub).