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    Actionscript e XML

      Hi all!

      Ihave an actionscript code in flash that imports a xml file.
      The problem is I cant`t make flash show signs like "^" , "´" or "~" etc.
      I already have tried the 2 options that we can find on internet

      System.useCodepage="true"; with one xml file without unicode or UTF-8

      or a System.useCodepage="false"; with a xml file saved as notepad with unicode and UTF-8

      But the swf file simply don`t want to show the signs..

      thats the actionscript code:

      //hide the flash right click menu items:

      Stage.showMenu = false;
      Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";
      Stage.align = "T";

      //hide the flash menu until the XML loads

      _parent._visible = false;

      // xml processing

      menu_cfg_xml = new XML();
      menu_cfg_xml.ignoreWhite = 1;


      menu_cfg_xml.onLoad = function(ok) {

      // create main menu after successful loading of XML

      if (ok) {
      } else {
      trace("XML not loaded");

      counter = 1;
      function create_menu() {
      while (counter<menu_cfg_xml.firstChild.childNodes.length ) {
      attachMovie("button_type", "btn"+counter, counter);
      set("btn"+counter+"._y", counter*26-26);
      btn1._y = 0;

      // set the buttons text

      set("btn"+counter+".the_text", menu_cfg_xml.firstChild.childNodes[counter].attributes.texto);
      set("btn"+counter+".the_url", menu_cfg_xml.firstChild.childNodes[counter].attributes.url);
      set("btn"+counter+".the_target", menu_cfg_xml.firstChild.childNodes[counter].attributes.target);
      this["btn"+counter].onRollOver = this["btn"+counter].onDragOver=function () {
      this.textul1.textColor = "0x"+menu_cfg_xml.firstChild.childNodes[0].attributes.text_color2;
      this["btn"+counter].onRollOut = this["btn"+counter].onDragOut=function () {
      this.textul1.textColor = "0x"+menu_cfg_xml.firstChild.childNodes[0].attributes.text_color1;
      this["btn"+counter].onRelease = function() {
      if (this.the_url != undefined and this.the_url != "") {
      getURL(this.the_url, this.the_target);

      //set buttons color

      this["button_color"+counter] = new Color("btn"+counter+".btn_color");
      this["button_color"+counter].setRGB("0x"+menu_cfg_xml.firstChild.childNodes[0].attributes. button_color);

      //set button effect color

      this["effect_color"+counter] = new Color("btn"+counter+".effect");
      this["effect_color"+counter].setRGB("0x"+menu_cfg_xml.firstChild.childNodes[0].attributes. effect_color);

      //set button text color

      this["btn"+counter].textul1.textColor = "0x"+menu_cfg_xml.firstChild.childNodes[0].attributes.text_color1;
      _parent._visible = true;
      info_clip._visible = false;
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          tonyhigham Level 1
          The only way I was able to replicate this problem was to use a text field with embedded fonts that didn't have the proper characters embedded. So...you might need to check which characters you have embedded. You can either choose the necessary category, or type in the non-alphanumeric characters that you need manually in the provided field.