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    Creating A TOC When Your Chapter Headers Are Images, Not Words


      Hey, everyone. I'm new here but I was hoping to have some help with something.


      I'm having an issue uploading books to Smashwords using the epub I've created in indesign and then later formed the toc manually in calibre. Smashwords says "'META-INF/encryption.xml' in EPUB not listed in manifest!".  Then, in Calibre, it says that 'toc.xhtml: This file is a text file that is not referenced in the spine."


      I'd like to just create the toc in Indesign totally, but when I create the file the TOC says 'contents' at the top but nothing shows up below it. I've set the epub to split at 'Header Page Split', which is also tagged h1, but there is no text in those headers. Then there's a chapter header that's an image instead of words.


      I'm sure the issue is me derping it up. But is there a way to generate a TOC when there are no words to reference?